Top Five Healthiest Countries in the World

If the world’s health index were based on smiles, then India, Indonesia and Thailand would be the top 3 healthiest countries in the world.

There is no promising way to calculate the health of a country. The best one can do is to rely on metrics such as environmental factors, average life expectancy, and other signifiers to list one country on top of the other. It is the only way to determine the healthiest countries in the world. Other factors such as happiness and satisfaction with one’s life come into play.

It is not only about how developed a country is or what an average person’s annual income is either. Other factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking habits, obesity rates, and many other factors can also contribute to a country’s position in the list of healthiest countries across the world.

Keep reading to find out more about the healthiest countries in the world.


India is a place where tourists from around the world visit and then never leave

If you are looking for a meat-free ideal, you cannot overlook India, the most vegetarian country in the world. According to research, more than 40% of percent of people in India stick to a strictly vegetarian diet. Healthy vegetables are an unhindered part of every Indian kitchen.

Despite the high poverty rates, the country has one of the largest agricultural yields. The obesity rates in the country are on the rise. Yet, it remains to be one of the healthiest and most resilient countries in the world. This country can move above the list with better healthcare in the rural areas.


Bergsee, Switzerland is health on a mountain

There is no competition when it comes to the highest life expectancy. Switzerland remains to be the country with the highest life expectancy. With a clean environment, exceptional health policies, and financial bliss, people of every age live a prosperous and healthy life.

In addition to a prosperous and comfortable life, Switzerland is also known to be the country with the lowest mortality rate. Looking at all factors, such as a healthy lifestyle and access to fresh food, it is not hard to see why people in Switzerland live a long, comfortable, and healthy life.


Indonesia house concrete diapers, nappies

A house in Indonesia is made with a mix of concrete and used diapers. Talk about environmental invovation!

Thanks to tons of research and case studies, the disadvantages of alcohol consumption are not unknown to people anymore. Understanding the potential harm alcohol causes, it is fair to assume that Indonesia, a country with the lowest rate of alcohol consumption, will make it to the list of healthiest countries.

Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country with a strict ban on alcohol consumption. People who consume alcohol in Indonesia are frowned upon. In addition, the excessive taxes on alcohol also help in deterring people from purchasing and consuming alcohol.


Vaccinations have made healthcare easier and more accessible for millions of people worldwide. While people have different points of view about vaccinations, Hungary remains the country with the highest vaccination rate, with more than 99.9% of children vaccinated against children. The benefits of reliance on vaccination have contributed to strengthening their overall health.

Experts agree that improving the healthcare system of Hungry can bring it to the top of the list. As the country’s vaccination efforts continue to strengthen, they may gain a lot of benefits from expert healthcare providers and dedicated nurses.


geothermal power in iceland

Geothermal powered nature hot tubs in Iceland.

Smoking is very detrimental to your health. It is a truth that has been established for decades. Keeping this in consideration, think about a country to advertise about banning tobacco on mass media. Yes, Iceland also has the honor of banning all promotions on tobacco products. This is a very positive forward.

Although Iceland is one of the most high-income countries in the world, entertaining smoking as a habit can be a challenge to your budget. Hence, it is fair to say that smokers must think twice before visiting or moving to Iceland.

With the highest cigarette prices in Europe to keep people away from the deadly habit, many people are unable to afford this life-threatening hobby. In short, Icelanders care about health, happiness and wealth. They also value renewable energy, keeping the skies clean and the carbon emissions low. 




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