The Green Guide to Jaffa

Jaffa, Tel Aviv’s historic sister city, is famous for its rich biblical tales and unmatched sightseeing. With its unique combination of history and modernity, Jaffa offers countless opportunities for environmentally sustainable and unique day and nighttime activities.

Fairuz Festival Jaffa at the Pisgah Park. Have you ever seen a view of Tel Aviv quite like this?

Jaffa Port

Make sure to check out Jaffa Port, one of the oldest ports in the world. Jaffa Port is a historical landmark well known for being the biblical location of Jonah and the Whale. In addition to its historical roots, the port serves as an active fishing port, allowing visitors to peek into the daily lives of fishermen. Visitors can rent kayaks for paddling around in and some local boat owners sublet their yachts for a night or a week for those who want to sleep on the water. Jaffa, Tel Aviv’s historic sister city, is famous for its rich biblical tales and unmatched sightseeing. With its unique combination of history and modernity, Jaffa offers countless opportunities for environmentally sustainable and unique day and nighttime activities.

Jaffa Slope Park

Along the seaside is the Jaffa Slope Park. Embrace the awesome scenery and spice up your day by packing a picnic and taking a nature walk to enjoy natural beauty. Slope Park is an excellent escape from the “hustle and bustle” of city life. This park was a construction waste site, later transformed into a park on the insistence and lobbying of environmental activists. If you walk from the port to the Slope Park look into the sea and find Eco Wave’s pilot project collecting energy from the sea. 

The Slope Park is a great location for flying a kite. There are no electricity wires and few trees to get stuck on.

It’s a great stretch of park for runners who start in Tel Aviv. Run all the way to the end of the boardwalk around Aliya Beach near the Shimon Peres Center and return back along the sea. 

Givat Aliya Beach

Givat Aliya Tel Aviv-Jaffa’s Southernmost beach is the perfect location for beachgoers. Have a picture-perfect day and enjoy the palm trees, limestone, and stunning arches. After soaking up sun rays, Givat Aliya conveniently offers nearby trendy bars and restaurants.

HaPisgah Park

Another beachside park worth exploring is Gan HaPisga. Named after the Hebrew word for the summit, this park has an eye-popping view of the coastline in addition to a well-known amphitheater used for outdoor concerts and summer events.

Shaffa bar and restaurant in Jaffa

Shaffa bar and restaurant in Jaffa


Jaffa is about the hummus. It’s simple and vegan. Abu Haasan serves what consider the best hummus in Jaffa. They are a family-owned local spot that serves both traditional and spicy hummus, which are excellent vegan and sustainable options. The best idea- try the triple plate and taste all three vegan dishes.

Israelis are pretty picky when it comes to hummus. Some locals suggest these ones might be just as good. Some say better:

Alkalha “is a deluxe experience” says one resident of Jaffa. They are located on Salame. Eliyahu Hummus in the flea market is a nice place to hang out. Asli on the corner of hatkuma and yerushalayim across from the hotel. Dani Ful in the same area of Asli.

Jaffa Fishery

Visiting Jaffa port by 7:00 in the morning is a treat for the early birds as you witness fishermen unloading their fresh daily catches and displaying them along the harbor. Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase high-quality doral, snapper, and seafood directly from the fishermen, all at a more affordable price than restaurants.


Michelangelo is a hip vegan cafe known for its relaxed and earthy atmosphere. Michelangelo is a hidden gem perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Customers recommend the pastries and Kombucha.

Shaffa Bar

Immerse yourself in 70s vibes and enjoy locally sourced ingredients at Shaffa Bar. Known for its vibrant ambiance, this bar offers a range of cocktails during happy hour with the bonus of eating sustainably. Indulge in great company and feel good about your environmentally positive choices.

Electric Scooter

If you love an adventure like me, I’d like to introduce you to Tel Aviv-Yafo’s electric scooter takeover. Many scooter-sharing companies operate in the city, allowing people to rent electric scooters for short-distance travel. They produce zero emissions and make a greener and more fun alternative to driving in a car. Watch out for reckless drivers. 


Get active by biking around Jaffa’s bike-friendly city and using the dedicated bike lanes and bike-sharing programs. Renting a bike to explore the city while minimizing your carbon footprint is encouraged. Several bike rental stations throughout Jaffa make it easy for locals and visitors alike to help the environment.


Jaffa is certainly a walkable and pedestrian-friendly city. Enjoy the city’s charm and discover new places only seen on foot. Walking does not only reduce pollution but also allows a fully immersive experience of the culture and overall vibe of the city. 

Public Transportation

The old city is conveniently well-connected to the Tel Aviv metropolitan area through public transportation networks. The choices are abundant between the easily accessible bus system and light rail trains, providing convenient and eco-friendly options for traveling within Jaffa and nearby destinations. 

The East West House, venue in Jaffa

The East West House in Jaffa

Flea Market

The Jaffa flea market, known as the Shuk Hapishpeshim, is where creativity thrives. Endless treasures, including antiques, crafts, and locally made products, are yours to find. Supporting local artists and small businesses as well as sustainable entrepreneurship. A few boutique hotels have opened in recent years.


You aren’t doing Jaffa’s correctly if you do not explore its renowned art scene and visit its many galleries of local visionaries. Admire or even purchase unique pieces from the local art community. Try Beit Kandinof which is an art gallery and happening space combined with a high-end restaurant. 

Live Music

The East West House offers weekly shows featuring local music with ethnic roots from the Arab and Jewish world. There is also a more taverna-style showing of a similar vibe at Shaffa Bar many days of the week.

Artisanal Shops and Workshops

havie upcycled hipsters

Making work trousers at Havie in Jaffa

And finally, from pottery and ceramics to jewelry-making and textile weaving, Jaffa’s artisans combine their gorgeous work with the city’s rich cultural heritage. Gain insight into their creative processes and learn about the importance of their craft. Make sure to check out hands-on workshops, mainly concentrated in the area called Noga.

  • There is Beit Hamelacha which offers print-making and textile-dying workshops in Noga.
  • Ilanit Neutra maker of upcycled tire bags has her studio in Noga.
  • Enjoy a free co-working space for the 18-25 year-old crowd on 83 Yefet Street. It is supported by the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality.

Take a walk around the streets of the Noga neighborhood in Jaffa. You will discover hand-made shoes, pottery shops and young fashion designers like these guys from Havie making goods and clothing out of upcycled army tents.



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