Madeo eco chic for sustainable goods in Jaffa


Madeo eco chic shop in Jaffa for sustainable fashion

Madeo eco-chic is a sustainable shop in the Jaffa Flea Market with many different items from recycled and sustainable materials. Some of these include handbags, clothing, jewelry, cards, and much more. When I visited the shop, I spoke with Lotem, who has been helping her mother run the shop for the last 10 years. All of the items that Lotem sells in her family-run store are imported from countries all around the world which she selects based on sustainability. One fascinating item Lotem sells is a belt made from soda can tabs.

soda can tab belt from Madeo

A soda can tab belt

Madeo eco-chic helps to encourage and inspire sustainable retail by selling items that make you feel like you are doing good for the environment. Each item in the shop has a tag attached that provides a description of the item, where it came from, and what it is made of. For example, the shop sells jewelry made from grass created by The Leakey Collection.

Leakey Collection tag

Tag from the company “The Leakey Collection” that is sold in Madeo eco-chic. This company creates jewerly made from glass that helps its consumers feel like they are doing good in the world. Not only does the company help create a more sustainable planet, but they also help create financial opportuntites to people in need.

Leakey Collection glass bracelets

Leakey Collection glass bracelets

vintage style 80s glasses madeo Tel Aviv

Vintage style glasses made from upcycled plastic. Sunglasses sold in Madeo eco-chic with tags that show the glasses were made from recycled plastic.

I also tried on a pair of glasses from the shop and was shocked at how lightweight they were. Not only did they look good as new, but they were also stylish and came from recycled material. These glasses in specific, came from recycled plastic. If there was no way of telling where the material came from, you would never guess it came from recycled plastic. The shop had a wide variety of sunglasses in all colors and variety that anyone is sure to find something they like.

recycled paper cards Madeo

All of these cards are made from recycled paper. 

Overall, I would suggest to any person, whether interested in protecting the environment or not to check out Madeo eco-chic. The store offers a wide variety of items of interest to all people for reasonable prices. I left the store with a top for 189 shekels and will definitely be making another trip to the shop.

Upcycled coins, laser cut

Upcycled coins from Israel into laser-cut necklaces

My favorite item in the shop were these necklaces made from recycled coins. The paper underneath the jewelry box provides a picture of what the coin Jewish coins throughout history, from the old version to the new version of the coin. The artist who made these necklaces was able to cut through the coin, leaving only the symbol behind and turning it into a beautiful masterpiece. A lot of these necklaces come in gold or silver, so many people can enjoy it.

Madeo Eco Chic

13 Rabi Pinchas St. Flea Market, Jaffa






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