Guide to How an Eco-Friendly Fleet Can Help Your Business

Whether you own your business and you’re wondering whether you should make your fleet eco-friendlier, or you’re a fleet manager looking for ways to convince your employer that sustainable transportation is the way forward, you may not be aware of some of the specific reasons this approach can benefit a business. Shifting to more sustainable solutions may be perceived as too costly in terms of both time and money, but there are several advantages for businesses that do this.

1.      Saving Money

Many solutions to making your fleet eco-friendlier are not inexpensive up front. Making the switch to electric vehicles can require you to replace your current vehicles as well as purchase additional equipment, such as chargers. However, this strategy will save you money in the long run since an EV costs less to run than a gas powered vehicle. There are also fewer parts that require regular maintenance compared to conventional vehicles.

Even though electric vehicles are green, you don’t have to switch over to EVs to reap some of the benefits of taking more eco-friendly steps. You can purchase software that helps you determine what kind of driving behavior leads to greater efficiency or to compare fuel economy across vehicles. Excessive idling is bad for the environment and also costs you money. You can also get information on emissions and fuel usage so that you know where your real problems areas are. This kind of information might be useful if you wanted to begin slowly bringing in more EVs rather than replacing everything at once.

2.      Local Regulations

In some industries and locations, there may be additional regulations beyond those at the federal level. In those cases, sustainable solutions are not optional. California has smog check requirements for government fleets, and this means that they must take the time to complete these checks on a regular schedule. Telematics can decrease that time as well as the associated costs. You can review a guide that explains more about how telematics can help you operate more efficiently. Furthermore, if you have taken steps to reduce emissions in the first place, compliance will be less burdensome.

3.      Better Customer Service

Fleet sustainability doesn’t always have to be about buying new equipment. Route optimization is a simple and economical solution that can allow you do more with less. When you have identified optimal routes for your fleets, your drivers are able to operate more efficiently and get more items to more customers quickly. You’ll need fewer drivers and use fewer resources. You’ll increase safety as well by identifying routes with less traffic. This will positively impact your customer service strategy overall.

4.      Public Perception

The number of those who are indifferent to the lack of sustainability within a company is shrinking each year. Younger generations are good about choosing an ecofriendly career and are particularly concerned about environmental issues, and this is the demographic that you will increasingly be serving even as they age. Public perception can make or break a company, and if yours has a reputation for seeking out eco-friendly fleet solutions, this can give you an edge over competitors.

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