5 Green Renovations to Make to Your Home

Start a garden, and improve your life and the value of your home

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or save money in the long run, there are a number of eco-friendly home improvements you might consider making. Here are  five green renovations to make to your home.

Update Outdated Home Appliances

If you’re planning to remain in your home, either as the owner or as a renter through a residential sale leaseback, you might be looking for ways to lower your electric bill. One way you can do this is by updating your home appliances to Energy Star appliances. Some of the appliances you’ll want to consider updating include your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, washer and dryer, cooling system, and water heater.

Start a Garden or Invest in a Greenhouse

Starting a garden so you can enjoy home grown fruits and vegetables is one of the most budget-friendly eco-renovations you can make to your home. You’ll be able to save money every week on your grocery bill, as well as have a more sustainable food option. Although a greenhouse may be a big upfront investment, it can lead to bundles of savings in the long run.

Consider Going Solar 

water ship yacht

A solar powered floating home

Solar panels can be one of the most eco-friendly home improvements you ever invest in. Over 30 years, most of us will spend approximately $43,920 on electric bills. If you choose to go solar, you can greatly reduce this cost. Thanks to Biden’s Residential Clean Energy Credit tax credit, you can also save an additional $9,000 through 2032.

Make Sure Your Home is Properly Insulated

Does your home often feel drafty? It might not seem like a significant renovation, but one of the most important sustainable home renovation ideas is to insulate your home.

When our homes aren’t properly insulated, cold or hot air makes its way in — while our heating and cooling solutions make their way out. The end result is a poorly regulated temperature, which can lead to significant cooling and heating costs. If your home feels drafty, it’s a sign that this may be a problem you need to take care of.

You might also want to update windows and doors to make them more energy efficient. Check pre-existing windows and doors for air leaks and caulk and weatherstrip (if needed) to make sure no warm or cool air is getting into your home.

You might also consider investing in dual pane windows, which can reduce energy by 24% in the winter months and 18% in the summer months. The gas-filled space between the panes traps cool air in summer and warm air in winter, reducing your need for additional heating and cooling.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

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A smart thermostat by Nest

Many of us forget to turn down the thermostat before leaving our homes. Turning your thermostat down just 7-10 degrees for 8 hours per day can lower your heating and cooling costs by 10% per year, according to the US Department of Energy. This is where programmable thermostats can be a lifesaver.

These thermostats allow you to program them to adjust the temperature settings for certain hours during the day. This prevents you from keeping your home too warm while you’re working or away from home. Certain models also give you the option to adjust the temperature from your smartphone, so you don’t have to ever worry about not being able to raise or lower the temperature while you’re away from home. Programmable thermostats help ensure you’re not missing out on long-term savings. 

These are just five green renovations to make to your home. From starting your own vegetable garden to investing in a programmable thermostat, there are a number of easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save bundles of money in the process. It’s a win-win for the environment and your wallet. 




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